Monday, March 26, 2012

One Week Done Of Two Week Hard Training Block

One week done, one more to go!  These two weeks are the hardest weeks I have for training.  So far this week:
Monday: 2 hours with VO2 max (zone 5+) efforts uphill
Tuesday: 1.5 hour recovery ride
Wednesday: 2.5 hours witMaximum Steady State (MSS) (zone 4-4.9) efforts uphill
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3 hours with long tempo (zone 3-3.9) effort
Saturday: 4.5 hour endurance with 1 hour warm up, hard effort for 3 hours, 30 min cool down
Sunday: Rest... is walking 9 holes of golf considered active recovery?

Here's the results from Saturday:

Last year I did this same training session at Bear Creek Lake so I compared my results starting after the 1 hour warm up until the 30 min cool down.  In the same 3 hours of hard effort I went 6.53 miles more this year!  Good sign of improvement!    Next week is more of the same except with a 3.5 hours with long tempo effort on Friday, and a 5 hour endurance on Saturday.  Lots of fun!