Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Any Time, Any Weather

Monday was the scheduled VO2 maxes uphill day. The temp was nice in the 70's, but it was another windy Colorado day. I elected to ride the hardtail out to a nearby steep uphill fireroad with the wind at my back as opposed to taking the road bike uphill into the wind. Riding in this adverse condition made me think of all the times that I have ridden in trouble weather. Just a couple weeks ago I rode when the wind has even stronger. On one section the wind was so strong it blew me off my bike and tossed my sunglasses a couple of yards. I've ridden in rain, sleet, and snow (sometimes in the same day). One time it was sleeting/snowing so badly several motorists stopped to ask if I needed a ride. I've also ridden extreme cold weather were even with two layers of gloves and hand warmers the downhills I had to stop several times on the downhill to warm up my hands. Sure, I spend a fair share in my basement on a trainer, but there are just some training rides that cannot be simulated on a trainer effectively. My theory is that every time I ride in these adverse conditions when no one else is crazy enough to try it gives me a little bit of an edge on the competition who are warm and dry on there trainer. We'll see if it pays off this spring.