Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Changes For 2012

Many elements have gone into my training for 2012. The first improvement for 2012 started in fall 2011 with the purchase of a cyclocross bike. I raced from September to December in cyclocross races. This is a huge improvement from the previous fall of not riding for three months. Once CX season was done I turned the cyclocross bike into a road bike and decided to do more of my high intensity training on the road. This is another huge improvement from 2011 were I did most training rides that are best done on the road on dirt instead which caused me to have less than optimal training sessions. My recovery in 2011 was less than great as well. I would go too hard on days that I should of taken it easy which translated to tired legs when I needed to excel on hard training days. Another big part of recovery that I lacked in 2011 was taking better care of my legs. For 2012 I purchased a foam roller. The foam roller along with massage and stretching regularly has kept my legs fresher than they have ever felt. Power to weight ratio in 2011 was not even close to par with other racers. Losing quite a bit of weight already, I can feel the power gain on climbs. A few more pounds and I'll be at the perfect power to weight ratio for myself. Another area that needed some pounds dropped was on the race bike. I bought a new wheelset and dropped 2.4 pounds which is 4.8 pounds of rotational weight. Hopefully all these elements translate to a season of top place finishes in 2012.