Thursday, May 31, 2012

Warning: Graphic

For all of you who want to see the carnage, here's some pics of the accident.  My left arm took the bulk of the impact.  Before and After pics of the 63 stitches:
Before Pic
After Pic

The Breaking Point

Since January I have been training and dieting like a mad man. My world has revolved around power to weight ratio and every gram of food has been counted. As I lost the weight, I also was slowly losing my sanity. I was always hungry and therefore always irritable. I even gave up my beloved beer... that's right, I live in a state with the best beers you can find and I was too scared of the extra calories to indulge. This made me pretty unbearable to be around. Something had to break for me to regain my sanity, and that my friends came in the form of the back window of Nissan Xterra. Let me explain. On Thursday, May 29, I was in the midst of a tempo training session best done on the road. The route I take for this training session is on roads with the least amount of traffic... except for one intersection that connects the route. I was heading north on this intersection which is a two lane road with traffic merging from highway 58. It was around 5:40pm so it was rush hour, and there was a car merging into my lane. To make sure that I was not in the blind spot of the car merging, I sped up and looked at the driver until he made eye connect so I knew he saw me. As soon as we made eye connect I looked forward... traffic had come to a complete halt. I didn't even have time to feather my brakes. I ran into the back of a the massive yellow SUV going about 20 mph and flew through the rear window. I had done a half twist and was laying in the trunk staring at the ceiling with my right leg hanging out what was the window. The glass was everywhere, and so was my blood. The majority of the impact was take(n) by my left arm. An ambulance came and gave me a pricey ride to the hospital. I ended up getting about 63 stitches on my left arm, and about 5 on a deep cut on my left leg. Luckily nothing was broken. There I was, lying on a bed in the hospital and all I could think about was how I was not able to complete my training session.  I could have been killed and I was worried about not completing a training session. That's when I knew I'd lost my mind.  My club in the Midwest, FORC, has a saying, "Have Fun, Drink Beer". Somewhere in midst of all the training, dieting , and obsession of competing I lost focus of the fact that this is suppose to be fun.  Instead of training I spent the weekend drinking some beer and having fun.  On Monday I decided to do the six hour ride I had planned on doing on Saturday in order to train for a one hundred mile charity race I have in a few weeks.  It ended up taking six and a half hours instead.  Although ever bump mind me grit my teeth, I had a blast.  For now on I'm going to drink a little more beer and make sure I'm having fun even in the midst of training.  HFDB!

Bloody, but still smiling!
The long ride only four days after accident... just follow the blood trail to trace the route!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Race Report: Battle the Bear

It was cold and lightly raining when I woke up early Saturday morning. (I was) Not exactly thrilled to embark on a race in such conditions (and) I was slow to get ready. I left ten minutes later than I had intended and had to cut my warm-up short. I arrived at the start line with only two minutes to spare before the start. Within seconds to the start we all heard thunder...(change... to ;) not what you want to hear starting a sixty mile race. It was about five minutes within the race when all of a sudden it started to downpour. In seconds the singletrack turned to peanut butter. The first climb my rear tire was spinning out, and by the second climb it turned into (a)cyclocross (race) because we all had to run our bikes up the hill. After a season of cyclocross the adverse conditions really didn't bother me too much and I intended to use it to my advantage. My legs were feeling pretty good and I was cutting through the racers ahead of me fairly easily. And then it all came to an abrupt end. About halfway through the lap the ranger was waiting on a road cross letting everyone know the race was canceled(cancelled). Bikes and racers were caked in mud, and everyone was freezing cold. Hours of bike maintenance and laundry for maybe thirty minutes of racing... yep, sounds like cyclocross to me! Oh well, it was for the best. The damage we did to the trails in a few minutes was already too much. The Battle of the Bear will have to wait until August when it will be rescheduled. I went home, took the hottest bath I could, grabbed a beer, and proceeded to cleaning my bike and clothing. With the race canceled (cancelled) my plan to take a recover(recovery) week turned into a hard week of training in preparation for the Bailey Hundo. Actually, this all works out great for me since the following week will now be a light week and I had intended on going out of town anyway. Plus, I was looking for a race to do in August anyway to break things up. Bailey Hundo, here I come!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Report: Ridgeline Rampage

Within five minutes of my warm up I knew it was going to be a long day. My legs just didn't feel 100%. This was probably because a forty five minute easy day I had the previous Tuesday turned into an hour and half with the first fifteen minutes pushing harder than what I should have uphill to catch up with my friend. It could of also been my Wednesday tempo ride being in the mid 70% of my max HR when it should have been in the lower 70%. Or maybe I was just having an off day. Whatever the case, I just wasn't feeling it. The start of the race was a quick hole shot. I was the fifth to the singletrack, and breathing much harder than what I should have been breathing at my level of cardio. I managed to make quick work of the four racers ahead of me and was sitting in first mid first lap. Within minutes Jason Hanson of Bandwagon Racing, who was one the unfortunate guys that flatted out at the Voodoo Fire ahead of me, was on my tail. Rather than beat on each other we decided to spend a lap taking it a little easier since we had a decent gap. Jason apparently was feeling strong that day (or I was just feeling that weak) because he was pulling away from me a little about two thirds into the lap. Out of the blue another racer passed by me. When he caught up to Jason the race was on for the two of them and they were off. Jason was able to hold him off and ended up winning by two minutes. Awesome to see since he had such bad luck two weeks prior. For me the race turned grim. By lap three of the six laps my legs were really feeling it. One by one I watched racers pass me.  I was helpless to attack.  I ended up 11th in 30-39 and 45th overall. Not at all what I had hoped for, nor was it a display of what I'm capable of. As bad as the day was, I still managed to beat my previous time by almost twenty five minutes. I guess I can't expect every race to go great, but I'm still pretty disappointed in myself. All I can do now is analyze what might of caused this and not make the same mistakes in the future. Battle the Bear is in two weeks which is my home stomping grounds since I've used Bear Creek Lake for endurance training several times. Hopefully I can redeem myself there. Heres' the stats: 

Pics from the race: