Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Damn Those Skinny Kids

I've said it once, and I'll say it again... POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO! This was the BIGGEST downfall I've had in my previous years of racing. I had the power, but the weight thing was out of hand. I've heard a few times that endurance racers can eat what they want since they burn so many calories; well tell that to my body because that wasn't working! Doesn't help that I have the uncanny ability to eat like a 400 lbs man. Seriously, if I wasn't trying to be a professional endurance mountain biker I'd be a professional eater. It wasn't until I started logging my calorie intake that I really started to shed a lot of pounds. In fact, it wasn't until I lost the weight that I realized just how heavy I was. I wasn't even this skinny in high school! Looking at my training logs from just a month or two back, I'm already seeing huge gains in performance. I've come to the cold hard fact that if you want to be as fast as the skinny kids then you have to become a skinny kid yourself. Only downfall is having to shop for new clothes. At least size small seems to always be on clearance.