Monday, March 19, 2012

First Blog!

For my very first blog post let me tell you a little bit about myself and the reason for this blog. I started riding mountain bikes in 2005 and started racing in 2008. Every year since I started racing mountain bikes I have gotten a little more serious about racing each year. My first year in Colorado in 2010 I hit the ground running by switching from XC racing in the Midwest to an endurance racing in Rocky Mountains. The first year of endurance was a lot of trial and error with nutrition during races, adjustments to the bike, getting used to the long hours of training, etc. The second year went much smoother and I was able to nail down a good on bike nutrition plan, but I still had a lot of room for improvement. 2012 needs to be the year I make huge gains in order for me to live out my dream of one day being a professional endurance mountain biker. This blog is about my journey along the way to obtaining my dream and is dedicated to my passion of endurance mountain bike racing.