Friday, November 22, 2013

Going Pro in 2014

It's official, 2014 will be my debut year of being a professional endurance mountain bike racer!    ...Well, kind of.  Yes, I will be racing at the pro/open class level, but all the races I do are unsanctioned so all I really need to do is sign up for this class.  I will not hold a USAC pro license though and have no intentions of pursuing one.  Why?  Like I said, "all the races I do are unsanctioned".  In case you haven't heard, USAC pro licensed racers are not allowed to race unsanctioned races.  Not complying with this rule could result in fines.  So would I qualify for a pro license under USAC if I wanted it?  Well, I like to think so, but you can decide after looking at my MTB resume.

Four years ago I had a dream of competing in the pro class.  Competing is the main word here.  Last year I grabbed a couple top ten overall stops, and podiums in my age group.  I believe I am ready, so now it's time to make that dream come true and toe the line with the fast guys.  First year goal in the pro class is to grab a couple of top ten spots.

There is another reason for me moving up to the pro class as well.  I am a Team Manager of a fantastic team called Pedal Pushers Racing (PPR).  I have worked hard along with my Co-Team Manager, Eric Coomer,  in getting several great sponsors.  Me racing in the pro class gives my team and my sponsors better exposure.  All of the great support I'm getting will make it that much easier to make the transition.  If you'd like to see all the sponsors, check out the PPR team website: Pedal Pushers Racing: Sponsors   Also make sure to like us on Facebook:

One more announcement.  With the purchase of my new baby, a 2013 Scott Genius 710, I will trying my hand at enduro. It'll be my first year at enduro so I will be racing in the age group category.  All I'm trying to do is go out and have fun with my team, cheer on my teammates that are much faster at the downhills then I am, and try not to hurt myself.  Should be fun!

2014 is already shaping up to be the best year of racing!  Keep checking the PPR Facebook page for all the fun happenings by the team!

2013 Scott Genius 710
My new enduro bike!