Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Trips And Sore Legs

Since I'm technically in my off season, I've been trying to get out of town every other weekend with the wife. During these away trips, I always try to get in some cardio.  In October we went to Durango, CO for some awesome microbrews and great food in this fun mountain town.  I strongly recommend Steamworks Brewing Company for some amazing beer and food.  During that trip, I woke up early and was able to spin for an hour on an exercise bike, and then run for 30 minutes on a beautiful trail along the river.  This last weekend we found ourselves in Boston to enjoy some seafood, and you guessed it, more microbrew!  FYI, Shipyard Pumpkinhead with a glass that has sugar and cinnamon on the rim is amazing!  I delayed my workout until Sunday, and slept in late so I decided it was best to rent a bike for the wife and run along side her on the bike path that goes around the bay.  Although the views were great and we both enjoy ourselves, I know I was going to pay for running an hour.  Today I looked like an old man hobbling around the office.  The things I do for CX.  We are going to try to do another weekend trip in early December, and then going to spend a couple of days in Vegas over new years.  I know, the life of a flight attendant's husband is a rough one, but I tough it out somehow.  

In other news, the CX bike is back in business thanks to the compact crankset I use for road riding the majority of the year.  I swapped out the 50 for a 46 tooth, and the middle is the same with 36.  I was planning on getting a 39-53 for road riding anyway so it all worked out.  Plus, it was good to get the green machine up and running for a spare bike in case I run into anymore mechanical issues at the races this year.  I really want to take CX to the next level. I'm definitely going to cut next years' endurance season a little shorter so I can switch gears to CX sooner.  I may even upgrade the frame to carbon next year too... maybe.