Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Green Machine Lives Again

This last Sunday I really pinned the start of the CX race!... that's because I was pinning down a line of plastic for the starting lanes of the race that was going on that day. After that, my duties for the next three hours were to make sure the course was in good shape after and during each race. Felt good to get out there and volunteer. Cycling has given so much to me, so it's only right to give back every once and awhile. After course marshalling for half the day, and the fact that the venue is were I train weekly, I knew every turn of the course. My race was later in the day and I felt pretty prepared. I was quick off the line and was fifth to the singletrack. The leader wasn't too far off the front, and I knew that I was faster in the corners than everyone in front of me. Considering the course was pretty much all corners with little straight aways, this course catered to me. Things were looking up for me to grab a top finish... and then I heard a snap. Suddenly my pedal was hanging at an angle. Like a car with a blown cylinder, I was giving it gas but not going anywhere. Game over. Didn't even get through the first lap. I had stripped out the threads of my left crank arm were the pedal screws in and it was just hanging by a few threads. Second DNF of the CX season due to mechanical. I was really hoping this was going to be my redemption race after my poor performance during my previous race. I had a solid two weeks of training, and had cut some weight. Guess I'll have to wait another two weeks to try to redeem myself.  At least the race was free, and I'm glad I volunteered regardless.  Well, with the CX bike out of commission I have no choice but to bring the Green Machine back to life!  This was my first bike; a 1999 Trek 6500zx.  Through the years I have replaced just about every part on this bike.  The only thing that remains is the frame and the headset.  Before I bought my CX bike, I transformed this 26" mountain bike into a cyclocross monster!  I took it out for a spin tonight at the CX course.  I was quite surprised how well it ripped!  I should of had this beast in the pit area during the race.  I might not of been able to get a podium, but I could of at least finished.  Lesson learned.  In the meantime, I'll keep training hard.  Another podium spot is in my reach, just need to keep pushing.  Next race!

The Green Machine is back!

I guess I don't know my own strength...