Friday, December 7, 2012

Turkey Day And Fun In The Sun

Well, my CX season of suckiness has continued since my last blog.  I raced in Boulder at Valmont Bike Park on November 17th.  During the race, my chain fell off and somehow got a loop in it.  I found myself trying to figure out how to undo the loop mid-race, and in doing so  I bent a link which made the chain skip on some gears. The time it took to undo the chain and the skipped gears  cost me enough time to put me out of any decent finishing position.  Turkey day, I raced the Turkey Cross.  I was doing great, and then on the 3rd of 4 laps my tire flatted.  I didn't bring an extra bike because I was short on time since I needed to hop on a plane to visit the family for the weekend.  That tacked on another DNF.  I came back early on Sunday that same weekend to race the first of two Green Mountain Sports CX races, and didn't even make it to the race because when I was loading the car to go to the race, I hit my head hard on my truck door.  Blood starting pouring down my face and I was feeling a little dizzy so I figured attempting to race would have been a bad idea.  

One more race to go this season on Sunday.  The venue changed to my favorite place where I'm most favored to do well, but honestly I just don't care anymore.  Even though my CX season has been a disaster of mechanical and poor performances, I still accomplished my end goal to keep fit in the off season and to have fun doing it.  After all, the blog says "Endurance Mountain Biker".  Never claimed to be any good at CX, but I sure do love trying to be.  

In my traveling news, after my poor turkey weekend results, I needed another weekend vacation.  We flew down to Cabo San Lucas for some fun in the sun.  Snorkeling and playing frisbee on the beach while sipping a piña colada is considered cross training, right?