Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stroke Of Luck

It's been awhile since I've blogged last, so let me catch you up.  After a twelve week block of base training, with a two week vacation to Australia and New Zealand in February mixed into that twelve weeks, I'm two weeks into my endurance training plan.  The first week was in Colorado with temps in the 60's.  I can't complain too much, but after training in the cold since the beginning of December I'm done with winter.  So, for three weeks I am visiting Henderson, NV.  Let me tell you about my first week.  Ever had one of those weeks were your luck seems to be down?  Yeah, one of those weeks.  Let me make a list for you.

  • Took out driver side rear strut on drive down, and I had to order the part to repair it, so it took me a week to get it fixed.
    • Silver lining: The nice lady we are staying with had her son lend me tools, and I was able to get the job done myself in nice weather.  Plus, if it had happened at home the wife wouldn't have been able to make it to work so it was best it happened now that she is on vacation time.
  • Hook that holds down the wheel on my Thule bike rack rusted out and broke off
  • Cable on BOA shoe broke
  • Crashed
  • Several other things that seemed to just pile on... when it rains it pours.
You know what though?  I rode in 70+ degree weather all week on some awesome trails at Bootleg Canyon.  It was a great week!  Yesterday I rode 4.5 hours and found a great loop connection between the Mother trail and the Caldera trail.  The weather called for scattered showers, and although it was clearly down-pouring South of me, I didn't get a drop.  A sign that luck is turning my way.  Two more weeks of sunshine, and ending it with the True Grit race in St George, UT.  Life is good.

Not a wound, but rather a new form of tattooing involving crashing head first into rocks....

Missed the storm