Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall = Off Season

After an awesome vacation in Ireland followed by a trip to Moab to bike with friends from the Midwest, I'm moving a little slower these days.  I eat what I want to, and I drink what I want to drink.  My race weight for the fall is whatever I happen to be at race day, and hopefully I'll still fit into my team kit.  After nine months of dieting, training hard, and racing, it's time to dial the ambition level down for a little while.  Sure, I'm still going to 'train' for the cyclocross season, but when I feel like just riding rather than hitting my intervals I'm going to do so.  Soon enough, January will come around and it will be back to business.  Undoubtedly, I'll hop on the scale, cry a little bit while shaking my roll of fat, and focus on a getting down to race weight... a race weight a little more sustainable then last year's bout of near anorexia.  All I have to do is cut my race time by a half hour and I'll be at pro level.  Easy, right?  I guess we'll find out.  For now, it's time to drink some good beers, enjoy cross season even if I am going to suck, and take it a little more easy for a couple of months.  Oh, and I'm going to take as many weekend getaways as I can except when I'm racing.  I love fall.