Friday, August 10, 2012

'Tis The Season

Ran to the local today booze shop today and saw something that made me very excited.  Samuel Adams Octoberfest is out!  I know, it's sad.  Colorado has more microbrews then you could think of, and yet I'm a sucker for this mass produced beer each year.  Anyone, back to the point.  Octoberfest equals cyclocross season is near!  Only four more weeks of two to five hour training sessions to prepare for my last endurance race, and then it's one to one and half hour training sessions for cyclocross season until January.  I'm super stoked this year for cross since for the first time every In Colorado there is going to be an ultra cross, the Boulder Ultra Cross.  Fifty miles containing mountain roads, singletrack, run-ups, barriers, cowbells, beer, and everything else that makes cross so much fun!  Heck, I might actually do well at this cross event.  That will be a change from me coming in among the mid pack feeling like my lungs are going to explode.  It's the first CX race of the year for me.  Perfect way to start the season.  I love my off-season!

Cyclocross is near!