Monday, August 27, 2012


Yesterday I went on my last long training ride for 2012.  Finally!  I started my ride much later in the day than I usually do for long rides.  I didn't get out until 11:24am, so I was riding in the hottest part of the day.  Usually I only need a water bottle an hour to stay hydrated and carry two water bottles on me.  I went through the first two bottles I had in about an hour and half before I had to refill.  Once I refilled I figured I was just thirsty at the beginning of my ride and would have another two hours before needing to refill again.  That was a mistake!  I went through those two water bottles in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Out of water with no water fountains nor gas stations anywhere close.  One good thing was I didn't run out until the long descent so at least I wasn't climbing without water.  It seemed like forever until I finally saw a potential water supply.  At the base of Red Rocks park is a wedding chapel.  I looked around for a water fountain, but there wasn't one.  However, there was a facet with a hose attached on the side of the building.  I took a quick look around for cameras and witnesses before shamelessly detaching the hose, filling up my water bottles, and reattaching the hose before making a quick get away.  I went through that pair of water bottles in about an hour, but luckily I knew of a water fountain close by.  It was a hot, painful ride, but I still felt it was a good strong effort so it was an success.  No more late in the day long rides for me though!