Monday, October 2, 2017

Living the Dream - My Crazy Lifestyle of being an Athlete with a World Traveling Family

Somehow, I have found myself sitting in my AirBnB in Siena, Italy on a cool, rainy afternoon with some time on my hands. Since it has been more than two years since I've published a blog, I figured now would be a good time. So why not give a quick update of my life, shall we?

That Biking Thing

I suppose I will start with biking - since that is the basis of this blog. Yes, I am still an avid mountain bike endurance athlete. That won't be changing for a very long time. Every year I continue to exceed prior results.  It feels good to be thirty-five and still getting faster — I've always been a late bloomer you know.  To ramp things up in 2018, I'm signed up for a six day stage in Spain during the Spring.

She Carried Him Nine Months — I'll Get the Rest

Training has changed drastically since now a days I have a training partner.  My two (nearly three) year old Nolan is usually in tow.  As an athlete Dad, I do what I have to do to get the job done.  Climbing up a mountain road with a toddler in tow isn't going to win me any "greatest father" awards, but with a trailer featuring a five point harness and roll cage he's safer than I am.  I also pick times of the day that are less busy, and select routes that it are less populated with vehicles.  You're gonna see the Instagram pictures, so figured I'd ease your fears.

Digital Nomad Extraordinaire

Another drastic change in my lifestyle is becoming a digital nomad — a person who works "remotely" via laptop and internet connection.  To be fair, I have blogged about traveling while working in various locations in the past .  What's new is the level has now reached a status worthy of  the "digital nomad" title.  Since my last blog alone, I have been (and going) to the following location:
  • Lisbon, Portugal - One month, Fall 2016
  • Milan, Italy - One week following Lisbon, Fall 2016
  • Las Vegas, NV - One month, Winter 2016
  • Miami, FL - One week, Winter 2017
  • Santa Barbara, CA - One month, Spring 2017
  • Oregon Coast; Missoula, MT; Livingston, MT - One month, Summer 2017
  • Siena, Italy - One month, Fall 2017 (at time of writing)
  • Palm Spring, CA - One month, Winter 2017
  • C√≥rdoba, Spain - One month, Spring 2018

Gotta Keep Moving

My wife Megan, Nolan, and I travel roughly half the year. This means when we are "home" in Golden, CO; we are scrambling to get things done for our next trip. This includes preparing our home as AirBnB hosts - an incredible endeavor that helps finance our traveling lifestyle.
Somehow, with the help of an incredible wife, I am still able to get in the required training needed to be an elite athlete.  And you wonder why I haven't blogged in two years!


So there you have it.  Digital nomad, husband to a travelhoic flight attendant wife, and athlete dad of #AdventureNolan.  I lead an extremely fortunate lifestyle, and my goal is to embrace every day I have.  Live, love, and travel! To keep up the craziness, follow me on Instagram -> @nathancolliermtbr