Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Evening To Remember

As soon as I walked out the door of DIA into the warm Colorado air, I knew I had to ride  I had just came back from a fun weekend in Chicago for my brother's graduation, and it was already late in the afternoon.  I zoomed home, and plugged in my bike light battery to charge while I got ready.  I grabbed a quick bit to eat, prepared the bike, ripped off my clothes like I was Magic Mike, and kitted up.  I was on my bike at 7:35pm and North Table Mountain which is under Jefferson Open Space curfew would close a half after sunset which give me exactly an hour to get a loop in.  I don't know if it was the sweet smell of the warm air, the sounds of happy birds chirping, or the fact I knew I only had a short time before darkness would close in with only a minimal charge on my bike light, but I seemed to just dance up the singletrack climb.  I effortlessly swooped through the corners.  I skipped up short steep sections without even one hard breath.  I glided down the descents like a bird of prey swooping down for the kill.  Even though I already have two races under my belt for the year, it didn't feel like the bike season had started until today.  It's going to be the best year yet.  Get out there and ride!\