Monday, January 14, 2013

Back Into Action!

Training week number one complete!  Thirteen weeks to go until the first race.  Every year, I do a performance test the first week of training in January and then another in February.  It's a 20 minute sprint uphill as hard as you can go.  My last test was last February with a solid result.  This year I beat that record with a 2.7% increase in distance!  To make things better, I was 9 lbs lighter last year during the test, so there's lots of room for improvement as more weight comes off.  Also I had my first long day on Thursday.  I had a four hour ride close to work on a Broomfield/Boulder trail system. I typically only ride Jefferson County trails, but because I'm going to be out of town this weekend and really didn't want to ride in the dark this was one of my only options because it's close to work.  It is quite an awesome option to have!  I had never ridden most of the trail, and although it wasn't my beloved JeffCo trails, I had a blast! I even convinced a friend who works in the same building as me to join in for a part of the ride, so even better.  It's a great start to the season.  Oh, and I've officially decided to upgrade the ride!  My bike shop picked up Scott Bikes this year, and the Scale was just too tempting to pass up.  I am saving up, and hopefully will pull the trigger in February.  2013 is being to be awesome!

My Future Bike

Another Trail User on the Trail in Boulder